Softinet's Partners

Most executives and business owners are talking about ROI (Return On Investment), specially when they are pondering about new initiatives. Our clients’ system shall employ the most reliable products available in the market. To provide the latest computing and network solutions to our clients, Softinet partners with industry-leading hardware / software providers to offer the leading edge products at very competitive price. We understand that our partners’ success is a critical component of our own success.

VerioSoftinet is a solution provider partner of RAPIDSITE; an NTT/Verio company, to offer our customers the best available Internet services available in the market. We offer complete suites of hosting options so that your Internet solution is hosted 24x7x365.

VerioSoftinet is a solution provider partner of SoftLayer (an IBM CCompany), offering our customers the best i-class Internet and cloud services available in the market. Contact us for a complete range of online and cloud services offered by SoftLayer and IBM data services..

HPSoftinet is an HP certified reseller offering our clients the most reliable hardware platform in the market at reduced prices. Based on our clients’ testimonials, HP provides most reliable server and desktop systems that handle the most demanding requirements.

ChriscomChristenson Communications Inc. provides voice and data communication solutions, ranging from VoIP (Voice Over IP) and automated phone and voice systems to installation and layout of voice and broadband cables.