Sales Leads Generation

Whether you sell directly or through a channel, your website and Electronic Marketing is a free tool, or so cost-effective that seems like a free tool for your sales team. Take your online marketing seriously and nurture it to its highest potential.

Disharmony of our online presence is the enemy of our online business execution. In the age of automation and Internet media, we need to synchronize our online and off line marketing efforts. We have to be passionate about our market, our products and our services to be able to succeed. If your website does not convey your passion to your clients, how else can you make your website to function as a sales leads generation tool? Lead generation is not just sending blast emails! We provide and / or support all levels of online, and of-line marketing activities to have a closed-loop sales and marketing.

To achieve our clients's online sales leads generation, we at Softinet utilize any-and-all means of online marketing activities; updating and writing marketing content for your web pages, Search Engine Optimization, submitting to search engines / online directories, analyzing web traffics and optimizing website best on our analysis, sponsored and PPC advertising, bringing your site to its highest ranking, creating cross links, involving in community website, creating blogs and posting on relevant blogs, posting media files and other sales pitches online, and any other way that we could market and generate sales leads from your website and online activities.

Call Softinet (408.730.0090) or send us email and ask about our extensive Website Analysis, SES, SEO, and Pay-Per-Click services.