Softinet Professional Services - Testimonials

Sunnyvale Auto Bodyshop  Dear David:

We couldn't find a better place than your office, to develop our website and run our online marketing. You just go the extra mile for your customers and guide them with knowledge. Thank you will not be enough for all the work you do for us. Professionalism, experience, knowledge and great customer service is definitely Softinet trademark!!

After almost two years and no results with all this do it yourself websites and marketing, we finally knew that we needed it help from a professional consultant and that's when we found Softinet, we couldn't be more bless, we found the right place. Now, we can tell and see the difference, your were right all along, we get complements for our website and they start finding us on google and all other big search engines. The team from cronus collision will like to say thank you for all your hard work you do for us.

Howard Low, DDSWe have gotten mor patients in January from our online marketing. The nice thing is that these are generally quality patients and not the shoppers that are looking for "discount dentistry". Almost all these patients cite my 30 yrs of experience and the overwhelming quantity of positive testimonials. This is great. Have been very happy with results so far.

Howard Low, DDS

Howard Low, DDSDear David:

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the website you have designed for us. It is not only much easier to navigate but it has more accurately captured the essence of our office compared to what we had previously. The biggest difference between you and other website designers is the personal attention to the small details. The timeliness of you response was also greatly appreciated. Thank you for makeing the process relatively painless.

Howard Low, DDS


I want to let you know that we have received numerous compliments from visitors to our web site since the newly designed site went live. Not only did you succeed in the design of a challenging product set, you and your team have been extremely responsive and a pleasure to work with regarding the maintenance and updates since the site went up, as we continue to "grow" the site, our product line and customer base. Thank you and the Softinet team for your contributions to helping us manage and grow our business.

Mike Weinstock
Executive Vice President
Optiphase, Inc.

The OakleafWe found David and the Softinet team to be VERY responsive. They listened well, kept their deadlines, and delivered a superior product. They are a smooth, calm, professional team.

Matt Smith, CEO The Oakleaf Group, LLC

Sofinet, Inc. has provided with above-average web services regarding the latest technologies, design and solutions to maintenance issues. They are knowledgeble, efficient, and quick on response time. We highly recommend their service.


The Lash BarIt was an efficient and easy process working with David at softinet. The short time we worked together I always trusted him and didnt feel he was going to charge me excessively when he knew I was not familiar with the details of updating my website. They are very fair and insightful on how to make things work better and look better. I get lots of compliments on my website. Thank you Softinet for making me not worry.

Kristin form the Lash Bar

LeiterRXWe hired David and Softinet to build and maintain our website. They have done an excellent and professional job. David is always available at a minutes notice to help us out if we have a design change, etc.
I would not hesitate to use them again.

Charles W. Leiter, Pharm.D.

ChriscomIt's a pleasure to rely on Softinet to handle our web site needs. I don't have to keep up with new trends and technologies personally; Softinet keeps me informed and makes recommendations for changes that can help my business.

Paul Christenson

Contact us before you spend money on different vendors to achieve one goal; designing and supporting your website and online activities. Softinet will save you time and money.