Softinet Intranet Solutions

Twenty first century problems demand 21st solutions. The era of client-server connectivity and centralized, PC / station based work environment is now replaced by online and web-based systems. Web technology is increasingly being used to support employees, clients and partners communication globally. Knowledge management, collaboration, resource management and efficient productivity coupled with cost-effective solution demand an decentralized online Intranet solution.

Clients, partners, and employees of any dynamic organization demand access to crucial information and high quality web services in timely manner. This type of online solution requires clear definition of communication goals, professional online resource management and a reliable partner / staff who understands your business model. Softinet Professional Consulting Services will help you to define your strategy and your needs of online resource management that meets your specific needs and goals.

Softinet consulting services will assist you and your staff to develop your intranet, extranet and interactive community solutions. We have decades of experience with business processes, knowledge management systems, intranet development and design and integration of multi-platform and multi tiered online solutions.

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