Web Hosting and Internet Services (ISP) Solutions

We offer many important advantages over our competitors in terms of quality, credentials, reliability, experience, 24X7X365 up time services, and reputation.

Softinet is your one-stop Internet solution provider hence to keep up with our promises, we have partnered with other hosting companies such as NTT/Verio and The Planet to offer our customers the best Internet services available in the market. We offer complete suites of hosting options so that your Internet presence and solutions are up and running 24x7x365.

We have been in business long enough to understand how your web solutions and Internet activities are critical to your business. If our website and Internet solutions go down or performs slowly, we all will lose revenue. We strive to assure keeping your web site up and running smoothly so you can concentrate on your business and your customers.

Softinet's Internet services solution is not like any others offered in the market. When considering Internet Services and website hosting, there are many choices variable with mixed complexities and many uncertainties. You shall not focus only on the most obvious point of comparison when deciding between the Personal Plan and Professional Plan. Our web hosting solutions are not simply another hosting solution, rather it is a complete package providing you the power, flexibility, and performance to create a strong online presence as a sales leads generation tool.

We offer performance, reliability and dedicated support services. Since Jan 1, 1997 our clients' web services have been up 99.98% of the time. Our dedicated servers are on three T3 connections that are routing through separate and diverse backbones (UUnet, MCI, Sprint).

Contact us as we provide dedicated hosting and support services not available in the market.